Importance of a Small Business Website

Small Business Website on Laptop

In early 2016 Clutch conducted a survey of small businesses and their use of websites for business promotion. They found that 46% of small business did not have a dedicated website. Meanwhile Verisign had conducted a survey stating that up to 91% of consumers use the Internet to look for local goods and services.

Given those statistics it definitely appears 46% of small business is giving up an edge to their competition by not having a website. With more and more customers turning to the web from their office computers and mobile devices to find services and product resellers they need, the small business with a website is better positioned to capture this sale.

Why a Small Business Website?

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages having a dedicated website can bring your business and increase your revenue.

Better Influence on Search Results

With 91% of of US consumers using the Internet to search for goods and services, you, as a business owner, want to ensure your business appears in the results. By utilizing your own website you can better control optimization for search engine optimization (SEO). You can target the specific searches you would like to capture opportunities and leads from.

In addition, when people do find your site you can control the message they see when they reach your site. You also have the flexibility to adapt between strategies if one proves to work better than another.

Always Working – All The Time

Your website always works for you. While you might only be open between the hours of 8pm and 5pm, your website can answer questions of prospective customers in the evenings and weekends when they might have the free time to search out your services.

A website can clearly communicate your hours of business, provide contact information, and your location. In addition to these basics, a website can answer frequently asked questions that people might ask. Perhaps an outline of your services or products you offer.

The small business website can showcase your work. A portfolio of past projects can give confidence to prospective customers. Or you can publish basic articles on your area of expertise to demonstrate your knowledge of your line of business.

All of these can be accomplished with relatively simple websites and help provide your business with an edge. An edge that leads to greater revenue potential for you.

Make Referrals Easy

Word of mouth and recommendations from current customers is still a leading way small business gains new customers. In today’s Internet market though, people will take this recommendation and search the business out on the Internet. Make sure when they do search, they find your business and are not left with shadows of doubt regarding the lack of an Internet presence.

A website also makes it easy for current customers to reference your website and direct people to it. Don’t make it difficult for potential customers to find you.

Business CompetitionYour Competition

At the end of the day, if you are in the category of not having a small business website , then 54% of your competition have an advantage over you. The Internet has changed marketing and will continue to do so. Don’t let the changing landscape leave you behind, make sure your business is being considered by the new consumer.

Wrap Up

There are numerous reasons why a small business needs a website to stay competitive. The small business website does not need to be complex. It needs to act as your digital real estate on the Internet and provide basic information to your potential customer. A simple site gives you a starting platform should you invest more into digital marketing as part of your business strategy.

Be sure to check back for an upcoming article on why a Facebook business page isn’t a small business website substitute.